Orange reveals its co-created purpose

A large-scale co-construction process

Orange’s purpose was co-developed with the support of all its employees in order to express the Group’s collective vision in France and around the world. Orange also sought out contributions from all its internal and external stakeholders, including employee representatives, Board members, NGOs, think-tanks, customers, authorities, subcontractors and investors.

This methodology would not have been possible without the considerable involvement of the Group’s employees, who contributed through a two-part process:

  • Firstly, by responding to a question on the role that Orange plays in society as a whole. This question was put to employees in June 2019 by Stéphane Richard via Twitter and prompted more than 15,000 interactions and proposals in one month;
  • Secondly, a consultation was held with employees to jointly put-together the Group’s purpose. As a result, over 130,000 votes and 2,300 contributions were compiled through the multilingual mobile application, Toguna. This allowed for a large-scale sourcing of information enabling the consultancy Wemean to develop a common thread.

Orange has always upheld a strong philosophy to put people before technology, promoting a committed and accountable business model before its employees, customers and society as a whole. The Group’s #HumanInside philosophy is the foundation of this approach.

Orange’s “purpose”

Orange’s purpose was revealed today by Stéphane Richard, the Group’s Chairman and CEO:
“As a trusted partner, Orange gives everyone the keys to a responsible digital world.

Our mission is to ensure that digital services are well thought-out, made available and used in a more caring, inclusive and sustainable way in all areas of our business.

Orange does everything in its power to ensure people and organisations enjoy a more autonomous, secure digital life.

Through the engagement and expertise of the Group’s teams, Orange employs innovative technologies and services everywhere, and for everyone.”

Orange defends its vision of a more responsible digital world that gives an alternative understanding of technologies, connectivity and, more generally, digital networks.

Orange’s purpose will be submitted to shareholders for approval at the Annual General Meeting in May 2020 before being integrated in the Group’s bylaws.

A purpose backed-up with tangible results and commitments

Orange’s purpose is part of the new Engage2025 strategic plan, which seeks to maintain exemplary social and environmental standards. Engage2025 embodies this concrete commitment and contains, in environmental, social and technological terms, numerous objectives that will make this ambition a reality.

For example, Orange will deploy an ambitious digital solidarity programme across its entire footprint by 2025. Among other initiatives, this includes the opening of Orange Digital Centres in each country in which the Group is present. These will bring together coding schools that are open to the public, Orange Fabs that work with start-ups or other structures dedicated to social inclusion, such as the FabLabs or the Digital Centres.

With regards to the environment, Orange’s purpose covers an essential ambition: to help reduce the Group’s overall environmental impact. In line with this ambition, Orange has integrated its ambition to achieve carbon neutrality by 2040 directly into its strategic plan. By 2025, at the end of this plan, renewable energy will represent 50% of the Group’s total energy profile.

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