Data-centric design: Building relevance for future digital

Data-centric: Building relevance for future digital

In any technology company, you can design a thing that’s really good at moving bits, you can design something that’s really good at computing, or you can design something that’s really good at caring for data. Network equipment tends to be very well optimized to just move bits, but it’s always exceptionally expensive to turn it into data and compute power. Instead, the future is all about being data-centric.

You have to have your fundamental thinking around data. Successful cloud companies are data-centric and they’re thinking data-centric.

This has technology and architectural implications. How do you relate being data-centric to your real, everyday life? Listen to Jason Hoffman talk about the analogy of thinking of a road as a network, a car as compute, and your child in the backseat as your data. Which of these are the things that you fundamentally care about?


Cloud Conversation with Jason Hoffman: Data-centric

We have come to “data-centric” — the fourth in a series of seven key principles that you have to understand to succeed in the digital era; all are explained by Jason Hoffman, Head of Technology, Business Area Digital Services at Ericsson.


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Discover more about how technology evolves in the paper Jason Hoffman co-wrote on Future Digital Infrastructure (FDI):

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