5 enterprise cloud strategy trends for 2020

Cloud computing has become the model of choice for modernizing IT portfolios, with companies gaining agility and speed to market by renting public cloud software.

But more and more CIOs are standing up so-called hybrid cloud systems in which they shuttle business applications between public clouds from Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and private clouds running internally, or even hosted off-site by a provider.

“In the early days of cloud, many organizations chose one cloud services provider to work with exclusively,” says Charlie Li, Capgemini’s chief cloud officer. “Today, that approach doesn’t go far enough, and organizations are recognizing the benefits of multi-cloud, such as improved organizational flexibility, efficiency, and performance, as well as avoidance of vendor lock-in.”

CIO.com looks at the key trends that will shape cloud adoption in 2020.

1. It’s a hybrid cloud world

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