Orange Unveils New 5-year Strategic Plan with Aggressive FTTH and 5G Rollout

Orange recently presented Engage2025, its new strategic plan looking forward to 2025. This new growth plan, follows on from Essentials2020 launched in 2015.

On the announcement of this new strategic plan, Stéphane Richard, Chairman and CEO of the Orange Group, said: “If I had to summarise Engage2025, Orange’s new strategic plan, I would use two words: growth and sustainability.”

Orange’s first ambition is to reinvent its operator model by capitalising on its leading network position. Firstly, Orange will offer enhanced connectivity to its retail and wholesale customers. This will be based on two pillars: providing speeds up to 10 times faster and new associated services.

For fixed services, whether thanks to our own infrastructure or the use of third-party networks, Orange will be able to offer FTTH to more than 65 million households in Europe by 2023, underlining its leadership in Europe in terms of fibre. Orange will rely on the gradual increase in speeds and the constant improvement in quality of connectivity in homes (Homelan) to offer new services. In terms of content, Orange will enhance its OTT TV experience to respond to changing uses. In services relating to the home of the future, Orange will continue to develop its security and remote assistance offers.

In mobile, Orange will focus on 5G. After an initial commercial launch in Romania, 5G will begin to be rolled out in most of the European countries where the Group operates in 2020. From launch, 5G will deliver speeds up to 10x faster, and will offer greater capacity. Then, from 2023 – when core networks transition to 5G – Orange will be able to offer lower latency and implement network slicing, i.e. prioritising certain sections of the network to cover critical uses or specific requirements. 5G’s technical performance will allow the introduction of various different uses for B2C (immersive videos, cloud gaming) as well as for business customers, for whom 5G will be a real breakthrough (optimised production time, remote machine control, predictive maintenance, etc.). Orange has already started to construct these future use-cases jointly with its B2B customers and in 2020 will inaugurate an open centre of co-innovation in Chatillon (France) which will be dedicated to new 5G use-cases.

Orange’s second ambition is to accelerate its development in three areas of growth: Africa & the Middle East, B2B services and financial services. Orange’s third ambition is to attain a new level in its digital transformation by positioning AI and data at the heart of its innovation model.

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