Panasonic Sells its Semiconductor Business to Nuvoton for $250 million

Nuvoton Technology announced that it has entered into an agreement with Panasonic under which Nuvoton will acquire the semiconductor business of Panasonic mainly operated by Panasonic Semiconductor Solutions (PCSC) for $250 million.

PSCS, located in Nagaokakyo City, Kyoto, is a leading global supplier of semiconductor devices and solutions with products that focus on “Sensing” technologies such as Image Sensors, Image / Digital Signal Processors, “Microcontroller” technologies such as MCU, IC Card, Battery Management, Power Management and ”Component” technologies such as MOSFET, RF-GaN and Laser Diode.

The acquisition of the semiconductor business mainly operated by PSCS will generate greater value for customers and shareholders of both companies, and will increase Nuvoton’s presence in the global semiconductor industry through greater scale and volume of semiconductor solutions. This will also position Nuvoton well to capture secular growth trends in the electrification and automation of automotive and industrial fields.

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