Texas Wireless Summit’s ‘in vogue’ theme explores human-centered computing

The Texas Wireless Summit theme is a “natural extension” from last year’s theme, which looked at AI and the mobile device

The 17th Texas Wireless Summit (TWS) will take place November 12, 2019 at UT Austin’s Engineering Education and Research Center. The summit, boasting the title Connectivity and Sensing at the Human-Machine Frontier, will highlight advances and opportunities at the intersection of human-centered computing, sensing and connectivity.

Edison Thomaz, assistant professor at University of Texas Department of Electrical Engineering and one of the co-chairs of the 2019 Texas Wireless Summit, explained the concept behind this year’s theme in more detail to RCR Wireless News: “This year’s theme is really focused on this space of human-computer interaction […] and it is really about the sensing, the computation and the communication that takes place when we work on a variety of applications around human-centered computing.”

Thomaz added that this year’s theme is “very much in vogue” and is a “natural extension” from last year’s theme, which looked at AI and the mobile device.

He also revealed that wearable computing will be a central focus at this year’s summit, commenting, “We see wearable computing being one of the primary thrusts in terms of research and technology and usability that we’ll see in the future. It is a very exciting space.”

In addition, while excitement around augmented reality has been brewing for years, Thomaz believes that it’s finally coming to fruition. “We’re finally starting to get some fundamentally pieces of technology that allow us to create user experiences that we really tie to some use cases out there,” he said.

Other featured topics at the event’s sessions and panels will include virtual and mixed reality, bio-interfaces and perception. The summit will also examine the challenges associated with developing the communication infrastructure required to support and enhance devices and experiences.

The keynote talk will be delivered by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Joseph A. Paradiso. Paradiso directs the MIT Media Lab’s Responsive Environments Group, which explores how sensor networks augment and mediate human experience, interaction and perception.

Two speakers from Qualcomm will discuss how 5G fits into the theme of this year’s event. Other speakers on the agenda include Gabe Cohn from Microsoft Research, Alex Gao from Samsung, and Adam Kelly from General Motors.

You can find a detailed session agenda and speaker information on the TWS event website and register for the event here.

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