Digital Transformation Tracker Asia

The Asia Pacific region boasts some of the most interesting and dynamic telecoms markets in the world. Due to the countries being so diverse, it is nearly impossible to generalize about market trends but it is fair to say that communications service providers (CSPs) in the region are more innovative and optimistic about the future than operators in any other part of the world.

While growth in many telecommunications markets worldwide has slowed in recent years, China and India continue to provide a huge and growing market for the world’s largest network, IT and device vendors. Operators in these countries are clearly the dominant players in Asia; it would be a mistake, however, to discount opportunities in other Asia-Pacific countries.

Join this webinar to:

  • Learn more about the state of Asia’s telecoms market and the various internal transformations Asian CSPs are embarking on as they seek to change their DNA
  • Hear an assessment of the diversification “success” of leading regional operator groups
  • Discuss what Asian telecoms operators need to do to successfully implement digital transformation, including lessons from successful case studies

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