Zain Group Appoints Mohammad Abdal to Newly Created Chief Communications Officer (CCO) Role

Zain Group, the leading telecom innovator across the Middle East and Africa has appointed long time employee, Mohammad Abdal to a newly created executive role as the Chief Communications Officer (CCO). With the appointment, he will head three significant divisions within Zain Group namely Investor Relations, Corporate Communications, and Corporate Governance & Compliance. In his role, Abdal will continue to lead the implementation of corporate governance standards and principles across Zain operations and its related subsidiaries in compliance with the laws and regulations, and best practices. 

Abdal who started his career at Zain in 2001, rose rapidly through the organization, playing a key role in various aspects of the company’s evolution and success from a local operator in Kuwait to becoming the leading telecom conglomerate. Abdal has led the Zain Group Investor Relations department as its Director since 2008 and in January 2012 was given the added responsibility of overseeing the Group’s Corporate Communications Department. In early 2014, he established the Group’s Corporate Governance division, one of the first companies in Kuwait to fully embrace the new compliance regulations initiated by the country’s Capital Market Authority.

Scott Gegenheimer, CEO, Zain Group 
As a publically traded company in several key markets across the region, Zain places the areas of Corporate Governance, transparency in communications, dealing with capital markets and all stakeholders as top priorities and key functions. Mohammad Abdal has the right qualifications and industry experience to lead this effort for Zain Group and support other Zain operations in their exacting dealings with capital market authorities, telecom analysts, and media across the region. 

Mohammad Abdals, Incoming CCO, Zain Group 
I am honored to have been promoted to this position, and I appreciate the confidence that has been placed in me by the Zain Group Board and senior management. Integrity and transparency are given the highest emphasis in all aspects of Zain’s operations and culture, and my task, with the support of a highly qualified team, will be to ensure that this continues. 

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