Vodafone Czech Invested CZK$5 billion in 4G LTE Network over the Last 2 Years

In its preliminary results announcement, Vodafone Czech reported a mobile services subscribers’ growth of 41,000 from October 2014 to March 2015,  an increase for the second consecutive quarter which marks a comeback for the Operator after 2 years of decline. 

Vodafone Czech said that it has more than 3000 4G base stations in operation, and has in the recent year rolled out Turbo Internet, a fast mobile data technology which combines both LTE and 3G to provide faster and wider coverage in the outer regions of the country. The Turbo Internet currently covers 97 % of the Czech population and 87 % of the territory of Czech Republic. According to Vodafone Czech, 80% of all devices sold by the company since March 2015 supported LTE, with the number increasing steadily for the past several months.

Balesh Sharma, CEO, Vodafone
These great results prove that our strategy focused on providing a great customer experience, fast mobile internet rollout and mobile data enablement is successful. In the last two years Vodafone invested heavily in building 4G network in the Czech Republic, with an overall investment of over 5 billion CZK.

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