SK Telecom Reaches Close to 18 million LTE Subscribers

SK Telecom said that it has reached close to 18 million (17.94 million) LTE subscribers as of the end of June, making up over 62.6% of the company’s total mobile subscriber base. SK’s monthly average data usage per LTE subscriber grew from 3.0GB in March to 3.3GB in June, showing sustained growth of the wireless internet business, said the Operator. 

The largest service provider in South Korea, posted 397.9 billion won (~US$343 million) net profit in the second quarter, compared with 497.63 billion won during the same period last year. The close to 20 percent reduction in its net profit is attributable to a one-off charge related to organizational restructuring.

Lee Yong-hwan, Chief Financial Officer of SK Telecom
SK Telecom will maximize customer value and secure new growth momentum by building an open ecosystem based on its outstanding telecommunications capabilities and successfully shaping into a next-generation platform player that provides innovative products and services that meet customers’ varying needs.

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