Sandvine Snaps Customer Engagement Firm Momac for €7 million

Leading network policy control solution provider, Sandvine has acquired all of the shares of MoMac, a Netherlands-based company that sells cloud-based, customer engagement solutions to mobile operators. The deal sees Sandvine paying a sum of €7 million (~$USD7.7 million), plus certain retention-based management incentives for a 100% share in the company.

According to Sandvine, MoMac’s solutions have been deployed by communication service providers(CSPs) to support their marketing and sales initiatives, specifically, to promote their various offerings to subscribers. The acquisition will hence enable Sandvine to beef up its portfolio of Revenue Generation products for its own CSP customers. Specifically, Momac’s products will work with Sandvine OutReach to significantly enhance its customer engagement capabilities allowing it to present subscribers with the most relevant message, offer or alert at the right time, on any screen, such that they can take immediate action.

Dave Caputo, Sandvine’s President and CEO
Together, we will build on that capability to create communications campaigns for subscribers that cover a number of use cases, including advice-of-usage, contextual upsell, self-care management, and many others. Momac offers a product that requires no custom development by the CSP and only a small amount of integration with IT systems. CSPs can dramatically reduce their time-to-market for communication campaigns and promotions, compared to the traditional path of custom development through internal IT teams or outsourced OSS vendors.

Sham Careem, Momac’s co-founder and CEO
By combining our product capabilities with Sandvine OutReach, and enabling them with Sandvine’s ability to detect and take action on network conditions in real time, our offerings will become that much more valuable to a CSPs’ marketing organization. We look forward to having an immediate opportunity to increase the value of Sandvine OutReach and demonstrate that value to Sandvine’s customer base around the world.

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