Microsoft Buys Hybrid Cloud Security Startup Aorato for $200M

As more and more enterprises move their IT infrastructure and services to the cloud, the complexities of operating a hybrid cloud setup are ever increasing especially across areas such as security. Microsoft is taking the lead in preparing enterprises in their journey to this new cloud era with its recent announcement confirming that it is acquiring Aorato, an innovator in enterprise security solutions.

Globes Israel reported that the deal is worth close to $200 million, citing information reported at the Wall Street Journal by sources close to the matter.  

Microsoft’s Takeshi Numoto – Corporate Vice President, Cloud and Enterprise Marketing, in his blog post said that the acquisition will enhance Microsoft’s ability to give customers powerful identity and access solutions that span on-premises and the cloud, which is central to their overall hybrid cloud strategy.

According to Takeshi, Aorato’s sophisticated technology uses machine learning to detect suspicious activity on a company’s network, where it understands what normal behavior is and then identifies anomalies. Key to Aorato’s approach is the Organizational Security Graph, a living, continuously-updated view of all of the people and machines accessing an organization’s Windows Server Active Directory (AD), added Takeshi.


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