EE Reaches 90% Coverage for 4G, Adds 1.5 million New 4G Subscribers in Q2

EE, Monday announced that it has switched on its 4G mobile network in another 90 large towns and cities in the UK to reach over 600 major towns and cities in total, and more than 6,200 villages and small towns. EE said that its 4G service now covers over 90% of the UK population, while its double speed 4G is available to over 70%.

Exmouth, in south Devon was the 600th town to be switched on, and 4G from EE now stretches from the coastal village of Sennen Cove in Cornwall to Roseisle in the North of Scotland, and from Newport in Norfolk to Tywyn in west Wales. 

In its second quarter financial results announcement, the UK’s largest mobile operator said that it has recorded more than 1.5 million net adds in the second quarter, taking total 4G subscriber base to 10.9 million. The Operator is confident that it is on track to reach the target of 14 million 4G customers by year-end.

Ed Vaizey, Minister of State for Culture, Communications and Creative Industries
Faster mobile internet is an increasingly important issue for businesses and residents in Exmouth, so I’m delighted it has been named EE’s 600th 4G town. With the arrival of the latest generation of mobile technology, Exmouth has become an even more attractive place to live, to work and to do business. Thousands of people will now be able to benefit from living and working in one of the best connected areas in the South West.

Mansoor Hanif, Network Director at EE
Covering the places where people live and work is still hugely important for planning the next steps of our 4G rollout, but we also look at where people need us the most – train routes, roads, stations and parks. People really want 4G anywhere that they’re sitting or waiting and they need to work, or just want to get online because they’re bored – people expect to get online on their phones everywhere now, and that drives us to rollout 4G as fast as ever.

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