DigiCert Buys Verizon Enterprise SSL Business

DigiCert, a global Certificate Authority and leader of trusted identity solutions, Tuesday announced its acquisition of the CyberTrust Enterprise SSL business from Verizon Enterprise Solutions. As part of the deal, DigiCert will assume the management of the CyberTrust/Verizon trusted roots and intermediate certificates, while Verizon will continue to offer SSL Certificates as a reseller of DigiCert.

According to DigiCert, the acquisition makes them the second-largest Certificate Authority (CA) for high-assurance SSL certificates. Combining industry-leading customer service experience with intuitive certificate monitoring and management tools, DigiCert said that its PKI solutions help enterprises optimize SSL certificate management and secure the Internet-of-Things. 

DigiCert CEO Nicholas Hales
This acquisition should prove beneficial for enterprise clients. Verizon clients will benefit from our PKI innovation that reduces the complexity of certificate management to more efficiently safeguard their data and give them greater control over key management, network security and enterprise certificate issuance.

Mike Denning, vice president, global security, Verizon Enterprise Solutions
The combination of two trusted authority market leaders is part of one goal — to help our customers solve the ever-growing challenge of enterprise certificate lifecycle management. Delivering leading enterprise-class security solutions around the globe — either directly or through resellers — continues to be our primary focus.

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